My notes about Business Strategy


Learning by doing refers to a theory of education expounded by American philosopher John Dewey. It’s a hands-on approach to learning, meaning students must interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn.

However, doing takes time, and even most importantly, needs an opportunity.

That's why I decided while ago to learn by writing. I will be using Medium to put my notes about the things I learn, the courses I take, and even the books I read. I hope my notes can help someone else in the other half of the globe, in this globalized world.

In this story, I will put together — in order — the links to my notes about Business Strategy, drawn from my learnings on the Fundamentals of Business Strategy from the University of Virginia’s online course.

This articles are intended to develop the ability to think strategically, analyze the competitive environment, and recommend firm positioning and value creation.

Once the foundations of the strategy are solid, I'll go deeper into how to keep the value over time (competitive dynamics), industries (corporate strategy), geographies (international strategy), and institutions (non-market strategy).

Useful tools:

SWOT, Competitor, Environmental, Five Forces, and Capabilities Analyses, as well as Strategy Maps. Competitive Lifecycle, Internationalization and Stakeholder Analyses, and Diversification Matrices.

  1. The foundations of business strategy
  2. Analyzing the industry
  3. Analyzing our own capabilities
  4. Determining our competitive position
  5. Strategy over time
  6. How to internationalize a company
  7. A brief recap about diversification
  8. How to formulate a Business Strategy



Gabriel Fagundez

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